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Ripstays during the manufacturing process
Fastest MOLLE System Ever
Ripstay Pre-Order:  The fastest MOLLE system on earth!
One Ripstay Kit

Ripstay Pre-Order: The fastest MOLLE system on earth!

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Pre-order the fastest MOLLE system on earth.  Ripstays, available exclusively for pre-order through Draggin Bags. Ripstays patent pending designs allows for quicker installation of all MOLLE and PALLs gear, as well as nearly instant removal.  Put the Modular back into MOLLE, and easily leverage all the PALLs webbing on your tactical vest, even the back!

Note: These these Ripstays are expected to ship by the end of 2018, upon a successful kickstarter campaign, currently running here.

Customize your Ripstay setup and go crazy with your MOLLE gear’s new functionality. We have engineered Ripstay with adaptability allowing you customize your critical kit for success. Every mission is different, we want you to be able to easily update your system and to quickly remove any component in the field.

Inside each kit you will find three black Ripstays, one Powerbridge, and a length of 550 paracord, perfect for one pouch spanning three PALS loops.  Sold in kits of 3, 6, and 10.  Currently available only in black, with more colors on the horizon.

If you have any questions, or are an online influencer who would like to join our beta partner team, please let us know. 

Once again, these are a PRE-ORDER item, which will be shipped by Spring 2019, once we get our injection molding capabilities up and running.  Pre-order on kickstarter: