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Modern sleeping bags are marvels which would have blown the minds of early explorers.  When backpack camping the three things to never skimp on are:
  • Footwear
  • Backpack
  • Sleeping Gear

The two primary components to consider when buying a sleeping bag are:

  • Temperature Rating
  • Weight

The cost of a sleeping bag is almost completely determined by the temperature and weight ratings.  The KSB 20 by KLYMIT strikes a surprisingly good value, and packs down to the size of a football it is easy to pack.  In the winter keep a sleeping bag stowed in your family car, just in case.  The only downside of down is don't let it get wet, but as this bag has a DWR fabric coating to help keep the feathers nice and dry.

The KSB 20 is ideal for 3 season sleeping, and has a neck gaiter and draft tubes to reduce heat loss.  The stretch baffles enhance warmth and your ability to move inside the bag. 

  • EN Comfort Rated at 23˚F / -5˚C 

  • Carry weight: 2.58 lbs

  • Size: 36 x 86 in

  • Carry size: 13 x 23 in

  • Fill: 650 white duck down, 500 grams of insulation

  • Shell: 20D Nylon

Draggin Bag note on 650 Fill:  Fill is a measure of how "fluffy" the down feathers are.  It is measured by taking one ounce of feathers and measuring how many cubic inches of volume those feathers take up.  So in theory a 650 fill weight means that each ounce of feathers is fluffy enough to fill up a 650 cubic inch container.  The higher the fill, the lighter weight of down is required for the same level of warmth.  The downside to the higher fill numbers is cost increases exponentially; this bag's fill weight of 650 is better than average, without costing a fortune! 

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