Impact Bucket Bag:  Now Available!
Impact Bucket Bag:  Now Available!
Impact Bucket Bag:  Now Available!
Impact Bucket Bag:  Now Available!

Impact Bucket Bag: Now Available!

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Like all great ideas, the initial concept for this bag started almost by accident.  A friend (and really great guy) wanted to see what it would take to make a small leather dice/gaming pouch, with tiny pockets.  He wanted to keep his small game pieces organized while sporting a super stylish, classic bag to rule game night. 

After a bit of talking, and brainstorming, an old-school leather dice bag (with pockets) sprang to life! Then a crazy idea hit like lightning. What if we scaled this timeless design, and used the best modern materials available?

The best bags start with the best materials. Since Draggin Bags only uses the toughest materials, we are proud to share exactly what makes up each bag as we know you will appreciate the extra quality and attention to the little details.

The fabric is the foundation of any bag.  We only use the gold standard of fabric: 500d Cordura.  Sure there are many, many cheaper alternatives available, however, 500d Cordura provides the perfect balance between weight, flexibility, and longevity.  A special Durable Water Repent (DWR) surface coating keeps the fabric clean and dirt free longer, while a waterproof polyurethane (PU) coating keeps your gear nice and dry. Sure these fabrics cost more, but we know you will appreciate it!

Not all webbing is created equal, which is why your bucket bag handles are made of Cypher tubular climbing webbing. The Cypher webbing is thicker, softer, and stronger than standard webbing. While over three times the cost of basic webbing, we found the extra comfort worth the splurge, and think you will too!  With a 4,000-pound breaking strength, our handles are Sasquatch-tough.

We also added a sturdy foam layer to the bottom of the bag.  Why foam we've been asked? A foam layer greatly increases the life of the bag! By creating a shielding layer between the gear in the bag, and the hard ground, the two layers fabric last longer, and gear takes less abuse from rocks.  It is a perfect win-win for whatever you want to do.  

Finally, we upgraded the draw cords on your Draggin Bags, and only use 550 parachute cord, type III.  This American-made parachute cord is famous for its thousands of uses and flexibility in survival situations. By adding 550 parachute cord to your bag, you are equipped for just such emergencies.  The seven inner strands can be pulled out, and individually used in an emergency as well.

We use heavy-weight, military-spec bonded nylon thread, and double stitch the few wear areas still remaining after hours of careful design. This extra careful stitching will help to ensure your bag stays ready for many adventures to come.

All the best materials in the world don't mean much if the bag isn't sewn well. That's why we carefully craft each bag by hand here in America.  Our local artisans friends are experts, and take pride in their work.  While we have worked with multiple sewers, we continue to cultivate relationships with the most skilled to ensure the best possible construction. We believe working with small ethical sewing companies makes a large differences you can feel. Available with black handles only.