Our Journey

Like all adventures, ours had a beginning. And the beginning is a very good place to start.

The idea behind Draggin Bags began with an adventurous engineer who often found his gear could not handle the strains of Montana life. Thus began the task of making better gear, with smarter designs, to stand up to more of life's adventures...

Draggin Bags was created to combine three concepts: durability, functionality, and simplicity. We believe in durability to survive the expedition, functionality to aid in the journey, and simplicity to enjoy the Adventure.


After years of making gear, modifying equipment, and designing new outdoor accessories some friends saw my work. Some good-natured teasing quickly arrived at the pinnacle question. The question to end all questions and create Draggin Bags: "Your gear is tough, but can you make the toughest bags on earth?"

The question caused a pause. What would it actually take to make a bag tougher than any other?  What magic could create bag worthy of the title "toughest bag on earth"?

Before long, rolls of various fabrics, webbing, and hardware started showing up in the work room. Design sketching began and sewing followed quickly thereafter. Lots and lots of sewing. Inferior materials broke, weak fabrics tore, and laminated layers separated. Only the toughest components survived. The designs began to coalesce and pushed durability levels to new heights.  Draggin Bags were born. Tough, rugged, and ready for the Adventures of life.