RIP STAY: Coming Soon!

Anyone who has used the MOLLE/PALS system, is well acquainted with the unnecessarily painful process of weaving the stiff nylon straps through the platform webbing. While it could be argued that the system is modular, it is certainly not convenient or user-friendly. Ripstays puts modularity back into MOLLE. Our system allows you to easily attach your MOLLE/PALS accessories with greater ease and flexibility. More importantly, with Ripstays, you can painlessly and rapidly remove any attached accessory in less than 1 second, saving time and potentially lives.

Draggin Bags and the renowned Victory Training Co, are extremely excited to bring you this patent pending new system of attaching your MOLLE/PALS gear so you get back to your training and your mission.  We are in the final stages of development and are seeking Beta Testers.  Please email us at to get your Beta-issue set of Ripstays.  

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