Quick facts about your Draggin Bag

Draggin Bags takes bag construction to a level of durability never before crafted. Whether you're an avid outdoorsman/woman, a scrappy martial artist, a powerful athlete, or someone who simply wants gear you can count on in an emergency, Draggin Bags are designed with you in mind.

We use 3-inch military nylon webbing with a breaking strength of 3,200 lbs to construct our webbing line of bags. Why webbing? Well, it is exponentially tougher than regular fabric, holds its shape better, and is not weakened by stitching like regular fabric. This webbing can handle ridiculous amounts of tension and it can also take some real punishment from almost any adventure. 

Webbing also breaths well, letting wet gear dry. This helps prevent tools from rusting and gym cloths from developing funky smells. All webbing bags are also double-stitched, because if its worth doing once, twice only makes it stronger.

Draggin Bags is the result of engineering, product design, and meticulous construction leading to the toughest bags on earth!

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