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"The duffel bag upgrade you never knew how much you needed until now. A bag so practical and durable it eats framing nails for lunch."

The Bucket Bag Story. . .

Like many great ideas, the initial concept for this bag started almost by accident.  A friend (and really great guy) wanted to see what it would take to make a small leather dice/gaming pouch, with tiny pockets.  He wanted to keep his small game pieces organized while sporting a super stylish, classic bag to rule game night. 

After a bit of talking, and brainstorming, an old-school leather dice bag (with pockets) sprang to life! Then a crazy idea hit us like lightning. What if we scaled this timeless design, and used the best modern materials available?

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We've been busy

In the last three years, we went to the drawing board, sketched out visions, perfected new designs, and validated iterations in the field with our testers.  

When considering any bag, there are three key pieces to look at that will clearly indicate the quality and functionality.  Every bag either wins or loses based on these criteria:

  • Design
  • Materials/Components
  • Quality of Construction

 To improve upon the duffel bag, we focused intently each of these critical success criteria.  

We sewed prototypes, tested fabrics, and sewed some more.  Then we went on more adventures, and let others test the finished product. Using nothing but the best, we built these bags with military-grade materials that can stand up to the harshest conditions. 

Two great options depending on the job

Perfectly sized for the quick trip to the gym, toolset, or an emergency kit for the car or home, this bag has a thousand uses.  Some of our friends use it for keeping spools of paracord easily accessible, others take this bag to the gym.  Dimensions are roughly 9.5" in diameter by 14" tall (when open) yielding approximately 700 cubic inches of space (11 liters).  

The big brother, the Bigfoot lives up to its name and provides the size and features of a large duffel bag. Roughly 17" in diameter and 26" tall, this bag will eat anything and everything. A perfect home for sports gear and equipment, the Bigfoot Bucket Bag won't let you down on the field. Go ahead and pack it full of footballs, soccer balls, and shoulder pads. It works hard and plays hard.  

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