Cleaning and Caring for your Draggin Bag

Draggin Bags are built tough and like great adventures, great adventures often require bag bath-times. This post is to help you care for and clean your trusty bag companion. 


Draggin Bags generally have two primary types of components; materials and webbing.  The material has a Durable Water Repellent coating (DWR), which helps the bag stay cleaner longer and clean up quicker.  The webbing is naturally very slick, and usually, grime rinses right off.

In spite of all the best coatings, and natural ability to keep clean, sometimes baths need to happen.  Keep your bag fresh using the following increasingly dirt-busting steps! 

Step 1--Ask the dirt to leave:  Rinse by hand, or with a garden hose.

Step 2--Tell the dirt to leave:  Wash with mild soap or detergent in a bucket of warm water.  Harsh cleaning chemicals are not needed here, are bad for the environment, and may remove the DWR fabric coating.

Step 3--Game over Dirt(y) Bag:  Take the bag to the car-wash.  Clean right next to your car.  Car and bag will be ready for your next excursion. 

Note:  We didn't mention using a washing machine because our bags or so gnarly they may actually damage your machine!  Seriously, don't break your washing machine, it didn't do anything to you.

To dry your bag, shake it off like Taylor Swift.  Always dry in a ventilated area, and avoid applying heat to dry your bag (gear hates excessive heat--if it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your bag).  Treat your bag like the friend it is and you won't go wrong! 

General Bag Care

Fires may be fun for camping, but don't mix with bags.  Flame and heat melt things, keep them away from gear!  Also, excess sunlight is hard on just about everything, from your skin to your equipment.  Your bag won't wither like a vampire meeting Blade, but the sun still may cause some fading and slight fabric weakening after years of exposure.

Friction, sharp objects, and glitter should also be avoided if possible.  Your bag is tough, but remember it was just some sand and friction which carved out solid rock into the Grand Canyon.  As for the glitter, it is just not dignified. 

Note: Our bags are so serious we don't have to be.  Adventure On!

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