7 national parks you need to see in your lifetime

If you're a fan of Draggin Bags, you're probably someone who is always in search of the next big adventure. National parks in the United States are great destinations to journey to. You can experience the natural beauty that's unique to each park from majestic mountains to shimmering lakes.

Here are seven of the top national parks you need to see in your lifetime according to the National Geographic:

1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park- More than 11M visitors in 2017

2. Grand Canyon - One of the largest canyons on Earth

3. Zion - Rock towers, sharp cliffs, and sandstone canyons are everywhere to be found in this national park

4. Rocky Mountain - 450 miles of streams and a wide variety of ecosystems

5. Yosemite - A canyon cut by a river then increased in size by a glacier

6. Yellowstone - Old Faithful plus bears, moose, bison, wolves

7. Acadia - The stunning combination of sea and mountain

The seven parks listed above are seven of many national parks in the United States. They're all across the country with different types of scenery from the hot desert to humid forests. You have a selection of Draggin Bags to carry what you need to be prepared for any situation regardless of the park you're visiting.

Which of these national parks have you been to? Let us know in the comments below!

If you're not sure what to pack for an overnighter to one of these great parks, check out our blog post on what you need to be prepared!

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